Why I Chose This Job

Clarksville Wedding Photographer

....Or really how this job (my clients) chose me!

As a graduation present from college, my soon-to-be husband and brother-in-law pitched in and helped me purchase my first "big girl" camera. You know the ones that make the tiny point and shoot look like wimps next to each other. I was so excited. Soon I realized it was far too overwhelming and sadly it sat in it's case for about a year collecting dust. Until a good friend of mine had got engaged, and she took a chance and asked me if I wanted to photograph their engagement photos. She realized how I had a great eye for the photos that I had been taking with my phone and she knew. She knew even before I ever did and if it wasn't for her, I'm not sure if I would be here today shooting 15+ weddings a year and for that I am thankful!

Before I photographed their session, I had to really understand my camera and how to use the basics of it. No more auto mode! I studied that boring manual before bed, and took an intro to photography night class after work. I stuck to it, I pushed myself to take endless photos (mostly of my dog Harlee). Whom is a total pro at pouting in front of the camera because she knows mom's got the camera again. So when I got to their session, I knew how to work my camera and that first engagement session took place on the turf of Lambeau Field. Such a great way to start my career. I posted those photos to my personal Facebook page to share with their family and friends and things took off!

Faster than I could have ever imagined. I started to take on family sessions and early that next year I jumped into my first wedding. Never looked back and it's been the best decision. After building up some experience, I purchased new cameras, new lens, a website and all that business legality. Even though I still have a full time 8-5 job, I enjoy the busyness and the weekends spent with some of the greatest clients. I have never considered it a "job". A job to me is work and photography for me is far from it. Starting with potential clients meetings over lunch or drinks together, to hugs at the end of an absolute beautiful night, all the way to meeting up years after because those clients turned into true friendship. It's all worth it, every single ounce of that "work". It's why I chose this profession or really more thankful that my clients choose me. I wake up blessed to capture another day.


photo credit: a Larson family member (exactly a year ago from this post)