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based out of the small town of ripon, wisconsin, i am a

Wedding + Portrait Photographer

with a strong love for antique finds, outdoor rustic vows, and clients who just love to relax and be in the moment together.



i serve clients who are

inspired to create a day that is uniquely their own. Who’s main priority is creating an unforgettable experience for your ride-or-die friends and family. Brides who have specific taste and opinions, but do not let it overwhelm them during the planning stages. Brides who fully support that a dirty hem makes for the absolute best memories. Couples who believe that moments with family and friends are what creates their perfect wedding day. These are the people that fuel my passion each and every year that goes by.




I truly believe that life is made up of moments. Some of these moments are big and seem to shape how your future looks and while others may be a bit smaller and more subtle. Now it’s hard to remember all of these moments in your life especially the important ones (I know I can’t), but they deserved to be told and documented beautifully.

What’s my current season you ask? I am a wife and a mother raising two beautiful children in our college town of Ripon, Wisconsin (go redhawks). On weekends off you will find me at local thrift/antique stores searching for new treasures to decorate our historic 1930’s home, dancing to my never ending vinyl collection of mostly classic rock ballads and 80’s country, or cuddling on the couch watching newly-release movies (anything Marvel and Disney are definitely on that list) with a cold beverage in my hand. 

What moment in your life would you like to have captured? What season are you in right now? Are you in the planning stages of marrying your best friend? Are you coming up on your senior year of high school and want your personality to shine through your pictures? Whatever season of life you lead, I want to walk along side and capture these moments with you. Because before you know it life leads you onto a new and better season.

Photography to me is about turning a fleeting moment into something real and tangible. Something you can hold within your hands and hang on the walls of a house you have now made into a home. It is my hope that each and every photograph reminds you of exactly how you felt in that moment. Not only taking you back into that season of your life, but allowing these photographs to stand the test of time so that even your grandchildren can share in these memories.

I am so incredibly happy you are here! Thank you for sharing your story and following along with me. From this point on, I want you to feel loved and cared for, know that I am here to help in any way that I can. Please feel free to contact me HERE or at whitney@whitmezaphotography.com with more of your details!


Wisconsin wedding photographer.

Green Lake Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

it's the LIttle things: 

  • own way too many pairs of converse shoes

  • could eat Panera, every day of my life

  • raising a 3lb premature deployment baby (my little miracle) and a beautiful baby girl

  • obsessed with Instagram (@whitmeza)

  • soft spot for military, i love my Soldier

  • always enjoy a good Wisconsin old-fashioned sweet

  • love a good outdoor summer concert

  • a great day is spent at a thrift or antique store

  • i was switched at birth, while at the hospital

  • have my motorcycle license, own a Harley 100th anniversary edition

  • born & raised on a family dairy farm

  • ran under a 5:30 mile in high school

Let’s Find a Time to TALk: