Wedding Albums and Why They Matter

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

For me there is nothing like putting a tangible custom heirloom piece into my client's hands showcasing one of their best days together, and then hearing from them years later about how it is still a important part of their life.

A previous client told me that her son said their wedding album is his 'favorite story book' and that he enjoys 'reading' it with them often (almost on a nightly basis).  One time her husband wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, and immediately their son goes "like in the book momma". It was so incredibly sweet to hear.

These albums aren't made to just sit and collect dust, they are made to be passed down from generation to generation. These albums are something that will go through all seasons of my client's life together: sitting on their new coffee table they purchased for their first home, a walking fairytale story to share with their children, a look-book for when those same little ones now become engaged, and lasting throughout the years as wrinkles start to form in each other's hands.

It's time to get those images off the computer and create something real and tangible and something that will be loved for years to come.  I encourage all of my couples to invest in a beautiful heirloom wedding album that represents their love story in the most honest way possible.

There are so many options when it comes to creating the perfect wedding album, and I walk through that entire process with my clients. To create a customized work of art that shows off their style and displays their wedding day just how they had imagined it to be.

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