Madison Maternity Photographer | Richardson Family

I met this couple over two years on literally the coldest day of the year in Wisconsin for some engagement photos. Negative degree temperatures, record lows and we were still outside in the snow. During that time Michael was still stationed on the other half of the country for military duties and Heather was more than thrilled to have him home with her, even if it was for a tiny bit.

Fast forward to now, and these two are expecting! It's so fun to watch your couple grow into families and this one deserves every last bit of happiness. Not only are they expecting a beautiful bundle of joy, but add another to the count. Yup, twins! Want to make it an even better blessing, one boy and one girl. How awesome is that? Couldn't have asked for a better day on their parents land for some maternity photos and even a couple on Michael's old truck. Wish you two all the best with your new additions. Can't wait to watch them grow up together.

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