Fond du Lac Family Photographer | Marks Family

Sometimes being two and a soon-to-be big brother is a lot of work. I met the Marks family before Garrett was born. Stormy and I were both local bloggers and somehow we both ran into each other at a Goodwill. We both thought we were the person, but too afraid to actually go up to one another and introduce ourselves. It's so easy to hide behind your blog or screen, but I love getting to know people more in person. I'm so glad we did, we were great friends while we were still living in Wisconsin. I captured their first pregnancy announcement with Garrett on the worst snow fall of the winter, his newborn photos, his one year mark, and now: his big brother announcement. These two have become great friends of mine, and I know Garrett misses us often as Stormy always reminds me. Congratulations on your soon-to-be newest addition. You are fantastic parents and can't wait to watch this little one grow as well.